Frequently Asked Questions

1. There are so many golf schools. Why should I attend a Women’s Executive Golf School?

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a golf school and we appreciate that you are considering attending  Women’s Executive Golf School. We teach exclusively with a 1:1 and 2:1 student to instructor ratio. We have found that this promotes faster progress, better retention and the ability to tailor a program specific to your skill level and needs. Due to the nature of this program we are able to be more flexible with scheduling—you choose the dates you’d like to attend. All of our instructors are LPGA Professionals and have an average teaching experience of 15 years. Personal attention, customized programs, quality instruction, luxury locations, schedule flexibility… these are just some of the reasons you should attend Executive Golf School.

2. What is the student to instructor ratio?

We teach exclusively with a 1:1 and 2:1 student to instructor ratio.

3 . How Do I schedule a golf School?

Scheduling a golf school is easy. You can call us at 800-651-5058 with the location and dates you would like to attend. If the dates are available we take your contact and billing information and put a confirmation package together for you that we can email, fax or mail. Alternately you can fill out our online booking request form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours with confirmation that your dates are available.

4. I’m attending the school alone. Can you match me up with another student to take the 2:1 program?

If you are coming to the school alone you would register for the 1:1 program. Because we don’t have a set schedule for the school it is improbable we would be able to match you with another student around the same skill level that is interested in attending the same location on the same dates.

5. Is your program appropriate for new golfers?

Absolutely. We help golfers of all skill levels and are able to help new golfers build a solid foundations for their game.

6. What days of the week does the program start on?

We start the program every day of the week. We do not have a set schedule for the school; you choose the dates that work best for you.

7. My spouse wants to stay at the resort with me but will not be attending the school. Is there an extra charge?

Your spouse can stay with you at the hotel for no additional charge.

8. I signed up for the 2:1 program with my brother but we are both taking our wives. I understand the rates are based on double occupancy but can we each have our own room?

Yes, we can arrange for an extra room during your stay. The rate would just depend on the hotel and dates of your visit. Please check with the reservationists when you call to schedule your school.

9. I may want to stay extra nights at the resort. Should I contact the hotel directly or can Executive Golf School take care of the arrangements?

Executive Golf School would be happy to arrange for extra nights at the resort.

10. I may not want to travel with my clubs. Are there rental clubs available?

We can arrange for rental clubs for you at all of our locations. Rates vary depending on location.

11. I want to take a school with my 13 year old son. Do you accept junior golfers?

Yes, we do accept junior golfers at the school. We have many family members that would like to attend the school together or would like to register their children for the school.

12. Do you have the nine hole playing lesson every day?

Yes, typically each day breaks down to instruction in the morning, lunch and then a nine hole on-course playing lesson. However, you and your instructor will determine the amount of time that is best for you to spend on the course. For example, new golfers will spend less time on the course and more time on the range.

13. Are taxes included in your golf school prices?

For golf school programs including accommodations the room tax is not included in your school price. Some resorts also have a mandatory resort fee which is also not included in the rate. Hotel tax and resort fee (if applicable) will be added to your invoice at time of booking.

14. Will I need a rental car?

Most people do rent cars so that they can explore the area after their school or increase their dining options.

15. What should I bring with me?

You should bring your golf clubs. If you don’t have a set or prefer not to travel with them we can arrange for rental clubs. You should bring soft spike golf shoes, a hat or visor, glove, tees, extra balls and sun block.

16. What is the dress code?

Traditional golf attire is required at most golf school locations—pants or shorts that end near the knee, collared shirts for men and women’s sleeveless shirts (women’s shirts with sleeves do not typically need a collar). Soft spike or spikeless golf shoes are required at most of our locations.

17. What if there is bad weather while I’m at the school?

In the event that part or all of the school is cancelled due to inclement weather a credit will be issued for the instruction portion of the time lost. Every effort will be made to make up the missed time while you are still in the area.

18. What is your cancellation policy and are there any fees for making changes to my reservation?

Changes made to the reservation affecting location, dates of school or changes to the accommodations will incur a $30 administrative fee and if there is a price change, the you will be charged the difference including the applicable tax fees. Cancellations made 21 or more days before the first day of your school will incur a full day school fee. If a school is cancelled within 21 days of the first day of your school a golf school credit will be issued that can be redeemed for up to three years. If you registered for a school that includes a hotel stay the hotel may have a two week to 24 hour cancellation policy. One night or more may be forfeited for cancellations within that time frame. Please check at time of booking what the cancellation policy is at your hotel. No refunds or credits will be issued for no shows. Golf Schools must be paid in full upon making a booking.